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Monday, September 26, 2016

71 KU Student Gabe Lepinski on being ambushed by leftist student activists, and free speech being shut down

Gabriel Lepinski is a mild-mannered and polite young gentleman studying in Kansas. He founded a Young Americans for Freedom chapter on campus but was recently ambushed and intimidated by a group of SJWs shouting them down. Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein speak with Lepinski to hear his side of the story and to look into ways that people off campus might be able to lend support to Lepinski and his members. This page offers some information about whom to contact in order to support Lepinski's club members:

The Vice Provost of Student Affairs is Tammara L. Durham, whose email is:

Robert Lopez sent the following email: "Dear Dean Durham, Like many across the country I am troubled by the footage of a group of aggressive, disrespectful, and even dangerous students slandering and physically threatening a handful of well-mannered organizers tied to Young Americans for Freedom. During the 33 minutes of footage, I was saddened to note how many times the students misrepresented gender theory, queer theory, and critical race theory. The students conflated the superficial matter of men wearing women's clothing with the long and painful trauma of African slavery. As someone who grew up in a queer household and also descended from African slaves, I found this conflation manipulative, intellectually shoddy, and frankly embarrassing. Moreover, a male student who dresses like a female stated that trans women of color are killed at alarming rates. This is an unpardonable misstatement of fact, since the number of black and Latino men killed every year because their masculinity frightens people dwarfs the roughly twenty 'trans women' killed in 2016, none due to transphobia but all due to other conflicts such as prostitution or arguments with other LGBT people. From the experience I've had in the academy, I worry that administrators at KU may be tempted to ally with activists to hound and harass these innocent students. Please reply to this email to let me know what measures your office is taking to ensure that Gabriel Lepinski and his members are going to be protected from intimidation and harassment, so that I can note your university's good-faith efforts in future articles written on the topic. The whole world is watching. Yours truly, Robert Oscar Lopez, PhD."

Articles and Media:

KU Staffer Mark White calls Lepinski "garbage" and publicly demonizes the YAF chapter:

SJWs overrun YAF meeting and physically threaten Lepinski's members:


Protestors hijack conservative meeting and call organizers " white supremacists."

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