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Saturday, December 31, 2016

80: Are the feminists against Trump what Pink's "Stupid Girls" was about?

We discuss this declaration by feminist scholars against Trump:

Here is the full text of the declaration:

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, a sizeable minority of the U.S. electorate chose to send billionaire Donald Trump, an avowed sexist and an unrepentant racist, who has spent nearly forty years antagonizing vulnerable people, to the White House. Spewing hatred at women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and those with disabilities is Trump’s most consistent, and well-documented form of public engagement. Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women because, as he quipped, his celebrity made it easy for him to do so.  We can only assume that the hostile climate and anxiety about what is to come were contributing factors. The political shift we are witnessing, including the appointment of open bigots to the president-elect’s cabinet, reaffirms the structural disposability and systemic disregard for every person who is not white, male, straight, cisgender, able-bodied, and middle or upper class.

As a community of feminist scholars, activists and artists, we affirm that the time to act is now.  We cannot endure four years of a Trump presidency without a plan. We must protect reproductive justice, fight for Black lives, defend the rights of LGBTQIA people, disrupt the displacement of indigenous people and the stealing of their resources, advocate and provide safe havens for the undocumented, stridently reject Islamophobia, and oppose the acceleration of neoliberal policies that divert resources to the top 1% and abandon those at the bottom of the economic hierarchy. We must also denounce militarization at home and abroad, and climate change denial that threatens to destroy the entire planet.

We must also reject calls to compromise, to understand, or to collaborate. We cannot and will not comply. Our number one priority is to resist.  We must resist the instantiation of autocracy. We must resist this perversion of democracy.  We must refuse spin and challenge any narratives that seek to call this moment “democracy at work.” This is not democracy; this is the rise of a 21st century U.S. version of fascism. We must name it, so we can both confront and defeat it. The most vulnerable, both here and abroad, cannot afford for us to equivocate or remain silent. The threats posed by settler colonialism and empire around the globe have never been more real, nor has our resolve to oppose these injustices ever been stronger. Concretely, within the U.S., we oppose the building of a wall along the U.S. – Mexico border, and the establishment of a registry for Muslim residents.

We owe this moment and the communities we fight for our very best thinking, teaching, and organizing. We must find creative solutions to address the immediate needs of those who will be acutely affected within the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. We must push ourselves into new, and more precise and radical analytical frameworks that can help us to articulate the stakes of this moment.

The most important thing we can do in this moment is to make an unqualified commitment to those on the margins through our actions, insist that the media be allowed to do its job; and protect the right to protest and dissent. We recognize clearly that our silence will not protect us. Silence, in the aftermath of 11/8 is not merely a lack of words; it is a profound inertia of liberatory thought and praxis. So - what are we waiting for? We are who we are waiting for. We pledge to stand and fight, with fierce resolve, for the values and principles we believe in and the people we love.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

79: On Higher Ed, don't drain the swamp -- pull the plug

Higher Education is beyond the pale. Enough with attempts to reform it or salvage it. End the whole wasteful, destructive system of churning out bachelor's degrees and "liberal" arts education. It isn't advancing the truth or preparing better citizens. The experts are vile morons who project their violence on others. See:

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

78 The Left's Twisted Propaganda on Russia and Trump

Brittany Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez talk about the frightening new wave of McCarthyism taking hold among -- of all people!!!--the Left, as anti-Trump liberals latch onto an embarrassingly paranoid hysteria about Russia stealing the US election.

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77 Young Christian Men Talk about Chastity

In this conversation, two twentysomething Christian men tell the truth of what it's like, in a culture that views Christian orthodoxy as alien and unmanly. They argue that masculinity and Christianity go together very we

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

76 Stella Morabito on Propaganda, Churches, Colleges, and Hollywood in a Trump World

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Stella Morabito in response to this piece about the way going forward in the so-called "Culture Wars" following Trump's historic victory. Lopez is convinced that the Culture Wars were a misnomer; actually these conflicts reflect a war against propaganda, and the churches, universities, and Hollywood are some of the most important theaters of battle:

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74 British-American sex expert Lisa Nolland talks about the status of Christian activism in England vis-a-vis the "New Normal" of sexuality and gender

Robert Oscar Lopez and Lisa Nolland co-organized the November 11-12, 2016, conference, "the New Normal," with Christian Concern headed by Andrea Williams. The conference included multiple speakers, a book signing, and a play (Sunlight) all dealing with Christ-centered responses to gender and sexuality confusion. It was quite an experience, and both Lopez and Nolland talk about where Christians are vis-a-vis these cultural upheavals, going forward. For more information:

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Friday, November 25, 2016

75 Brandi Walton, "A Lesbian's Daughter"

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Brandi Walton, author of this piece, "The Kids Are Not Alright", in the Federalist:

And also this blog:

Brandi is soon going to come out with a book, "The Lesbian's Daughter."

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

73 Man caught on tape planning to incite violence at Trump rallies is ... #LGBT?

Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein discuss the news that Project Veritas caught Scott Foval, talking about how to rig an election by using brownshirt thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies. This is a shocking moment in US history!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

72: Deplorable Hacks speak out on being scholars for Trump!

Robert Oscar Lopez and Mary Grabar were 2 of 136 scholars who signed a statement in support of Trump. Having been classed as deplorables by Hillary Clinton, they were soon called hacks by Ross Douthat of the NY Times. They share their thoughts on academe and political imbalance in 2016. See:

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Monday, September 26, 2016

71 KU Student Gabe Lepinski on being ambushed by leftist student activists, and free speech being shut down

Gabriel Lepinski is a mild-mannered and polite young gentleman studying in Kansas. He founded a Young Americans for Freedom chapter on campus but was recently ambushed and intimidated by a group of SJWs shouting them down. Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein speak with Lepinski to hear his side of the story and to look into ways that people off campus might be able to lend support to Lepinski and his members. This page offers some information about whom to contact in order to support Lepinski's club members:

The Vice Provost of Student Affairs is Tammara L. Durham, whose email is:

Robert Lopez sent the following email: "Dear Dean Durham, Like many across the country I am troubled by the footage of a group of aggressive, disrespectful, and even dangerous students slandering and physically threatening a handful of well-mannered organizers tied to Young Americans for Freedom. During the 33 minutes of footage, I was saddened to note how many times the students misrepresented gender theory, queer theory, and critical race theory. The students conflated the superficial matter of men wearing women's clothing with the long and painful trauma of African slavery. As someone who grew up in a queer household and also descended from African slaves, I found this conflation manipulative, intellectually shoddy, and frankly embarrassing. Moreover, a male student who dresses like a female stated that trans women of color are killed at alarming rates. This is an unpardonable misstatement of fact, since the number of black and Latino men killed every year because their masculinity frightens people dwarfs the roughly twenty 'trans women' killed in 2016, none due to transphobia but all due to other conflicts such as prostitution or arguments with other LGBT people. From the experience I've had in the academy, I worry that administrators at KU may be tempted to ally with activists to hound and harass these innocent students. Please reply to this email to let me know what measures your office is taking to ensure that Gabriel Lepinski and his members are going to be protected from intimidation and harassment, so that I can note your university's good-faith efforts in future articles written on the topic. The whole world is watching. Yours truly, Robert Oscar Lopez, PhD."

Articles and Media:

KU Staffer Mark White calls Lepinski "garbage" and publicly demonizes the YAF chapter:

SJWs overrun YAF meeting and physically threaten Lepinski's members:


Protestors hijack conservative meeting and call organizers " white supremacists."

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Friday, September 16, 2016

69 Robert Gagnon on WaPo, the NY Times, and Transgenderism in Religion

Robert A. J. Gagnon speaks with Robert O. Lopez on the lunacy of the NY Times and Washington Post when it comes to transgenderism and the Bible. For more reading:

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68 Carol Swain, Vanderbilt Law Prof, on Religious Liberty, Racial Politics, and Alinskyism

Professor Carol Swain is a veteran of academia and a law professor at Vanderbilt U. In this interview she speaks with Robert Oscar Lopez about religious liberty, the Christian struggle at Vanderbilt, the black community's relationship to the Democrats, and the legacy of Saul Alinsky.

Direct hyperlink to this interview:

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Monday, September 5, 2016

67: Will we ever come back from the point in history where LGBT ideology has brought us?

Robert Lopez and Brittany Klein place the LGBT movement and its errors in a historical framework and ask the important question: Is this ever going to turn around? At stake is the question of the Western intelligentsia housed in universities -- Bobby supposes they are lost for good and will never evolve out of their current sexual madness, so if there is a sane future after the LGBT movement, it will be spearheaded by something other than the so-called intellectual class. Brittany suggests other religious views.

Direct link to this podcast:

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

66: Was there really a recent "win" for religious liberty in California? Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance says NO and explains why

In a triple conversation, Brittany Klein, Robert Lopez, and Brian Camenker drop all pretenses and have a brutally honest discussion about happened with the law passed in California targeting Christian colleges and universities. A few weeks ago, news broke that an alliance of well-heeled "religious liberty experts" had waved their magic wand and forced California to back off its persecution of Christian educators. Here is Andrew Egger's write-up in Daily Signal on Aug. 12, 2016, making it sound as though the big bad Gay Lobby had been trounced in efforts spearheaded by State Sen. Ricardo Lara to force Christian colleges to adopt pro-gay conduct codes or run the risk of being sued and shut down:

When this news broke, Brittany and Robert were both skeptical, having had similar "breakthrough" moments in the same-sex marriage battle, only to find that the reputable, established experts in religious liberty actually brokered terrible compromises with the gay lobby to make it seem as though they were fighting a good fight while still seeking to avoid professional repercussions and actually helping the gay lobby get what they want.

[UPDATE: Advocate and Human Rights Campaign smear 106 colleges as "worst" for LGBT students, including many colleges that begged for a compromise with them. See: ]

Lo and behold, Klein and Lopez's fears were surpassed by what actually happened. After several weeks and after the public attention to the California bill waned, suddenly a new compromise bill emerged. The Christian college leaders said they were pleased with the new bill, but actually this bill, as Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance has pointed out, was terrible in its compromised form. See this coverage:

The details are complicated and you have to listen to this whole podcast, as long as it is, to digest all the specifics. But the bottom line is, to fight the LGBT lobby pro-family citizens have to work around the entrenched conservative establishment, stay extra vigilant, and not be derailed by façades of victory that hide the reality that religious liberty is collapsing before our eyes.

People interested in getting involved should visit and contact them about how to get involved and start local action plans.

Friday, August 26, 2016

65: No, It's Not Okay to Come Out as Gay and Leave Your Wife, and No, Homosexuality is Not Just Another Sin

Bobby Lopez interviews Janna Darnelle about her recent publication addressing Christian rocker Trey Pearson's public "coming out" and abandonment of his wife Lauren. Janna and Bobby discuss the particular pains caused to family members when men come out as gay, and also the theological question of whether homosexuality is different from other carnal sins.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

64: Ryan Sorba, conservative wunderkind turned Christian realist, on what's next after the "born this way" debate is over

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Ryan Sorba, a firebrand with uncommon sophistication on LGBT debates, in light of the recent report from Johns Hopkins vindicating that once-lonely position (against "born this way") Sorba has taken for years, and paid dearly for. Revealing a secret gentle and vulnerable side, Sorba explains why he's so disappointed with the Christian conservative family movement and what his ideal strategy would be to connect individually with gay men and bring them to happiness. Ryan came up through the ISI, CPAC, and Leadership Institute but now sees other ways forward as the only viable options for defending Christian family values. He doesn't think that disproving the "born gay" hypothesis will be a victory since in all likelihood the LGBT activists will pivot to something else.

For more on Ryan Sorba's work:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

63: Massive Study Is a Game-Changer; Most of LGBT Agenda Must Be Pulled Back

Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein go over the shocking study by Mayer and McHugh in New Atlantis. Experts in medicine, biology, and psychology found that the whole argument for LGBT ideology is wrong:

1. People are not born gay.
2. Most people who consider themselves same-sex attracted will go on, absent influence or pressure, to be heterosexual.
3. There is no scientific evidence to support the notion of men trapped in women's bodies or women trapped in men's bodies.
4. Stigma and discrimination do not explain the disproportionate mental health problems experienced by LGBT people.
5. There is no sound basis for using drugs or surgery to transition "trans" children.

This is big. Read the reports and see for yourself:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

62: CDC Report on Gay Teen Health--Data, Propaganda, Drama, or Lies?

The CDC published a report on August 12, 2016, about the different health problems and harmful life experiences experienced by gay, lesbian, and transgender high school students. Almost immediately political allies of the Gay Lobby ran with the report to say that homophobia is causing problems for gay youth and the solution is ever more sexual curriculum and exposure to the gay lifestyle for kids at younger and younger ages. Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein say STOP THE MADNESS!!!! Gay propaganda is most likely the cause of the violence, drugs, suicide, depression, and dysfunction among so-called LGBT youth. Listen to the whole thing!

Friday, August 12, 2016

61: Gay male promiscuity on Grindr is suddenly something nobody should know about

Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein sound off on the hypocrisy and double standards involved in the dust-up over Nico Hines' piece in the Daily Beast, which was attacked as supposedly endangering the lives of gay athletes (who were not named in the essay). Some questions Klein and Lopez pose:

1. Do these folks really think people are so obsessed with figuring out who's gay that they were going to track down the identities of men with postings on Grindr?

2. Wouldn't everything be better if they didn't create a huge firestorm over this?

3. Is this about protecting gay athletes or about protecting the image of the gay community, after years of selling the suburban "love is love" and "we're just like you" story to the public in the gay marriage debates?

4. If gay leaders care about the safety of gay men, shouldn't they be trying to shut down Grindr so gay men aren't having anal sex with complete strangers?

5. What about Tom Daley's story? In that case, a young athlete was pressured to out himself so that his much older lover, Dustin Lance Black, could benefit socially from the status of having converted a teenage diver to gay sex. No concerns there about ethical behavior?

6. What about all the conservatives like Mark Foley that were outed by gay leaders?

7. Hey, what about the fight to ban BYU from Big 12 over their non-tolerance of homosexuality? Why should the closeted gays who attend BYU be denied a chance to compete in the Big 12 while the gay leaders are scrambling to make sure that "gay" athletes from homophobic countries can run around having secret gay sex without challenging the antigay policies of their countries?

For more info.

This Twitter account provides very good links:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

60: The Legal Creation of a Gay Superclass Above the Law

Brittany Klein joins the usual host to run down the full roster of LGBT power plays. Abusing the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution (equal protection), LGBT enthusiasts have redefined public sex in toilets in close proximity to children as a sacred human right. They have redefined Biblical chastity as a violation of gay human rights. They have redefined sperm banking as a public good that should be available to lesbians on demand. They have redefined law as a privilege reserved for people who refrain from criticizing homosexuality, and something that can be denied to those who have objections to it.

This has become, in a word, madness, and in the schools, hospitals, public parks, courts, police stations, and TV studios, there is nowhere to hide from the encroachment of a new Gay Superclass that's above the law, allowed to invoke "equality" while imposing drastic inequality on their political inferiors. For more information, scroll down.

On the civil rights lawsuit filed over San Jose police rounding up gay men who have sex in public toilets next to a kids' baseball diamond. Civil rights attorney believes that enforcement of vice laws is like "Jim Crow."

On the lawsuit by lesbians against New Jersey because they weren't given free sperm to make their own babies. Reversing the important claim that homosexuality is not a medical condition, these petitioners insist they should be given all the same accommodations as heterosexuals with infertility conditions. Also, they have a right to children but children don't have a right to their father. And will states now be forced to traffic in gametes and recruit sperm and egg providers under penalty of law?

On the nefarious move by State Sen. Ricardo Lara to pass SB 1146, a California measure that would render Christian mentorship illegal.

On the American Bar Association's move to make it a de-licensing offense to abet harassment of gay people (which means you can't represent Kim Davis in court or else you will be debarred!)

Lopez's video response:

Sunday, August 7, 2016

59: Marilyn Monroe and the Problems of the Sexual Revolution

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is the author of this book:

In this podcast she sits down with Robert Oscar Lopez to talk about Marilyn Monroe, the Sexual Revolution, and what went wrong with Christian churches on the topic of sexual morality. Here's Lopez's piece from the Federalist:

58: Lesbians Quit the Lifestyle without a Big Fuss

Why is it that when men decide to stop being gay, all H*ll breaks loose and a death match of accusations and lobbying breaks out, but when women decide to stop being lesbians... the crickets go into overdrive chirping. Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein, both veterans of childhoods with lesbian moms, are on the case and weigh in!

57: Children of Gays Reflect on Year after Obergefell

Robert Oscar Lopez and Denise Shick are two of the six adults raised by LGBT parents who submitted independent briefs to the Supreme Court during the debate over gay marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges). They, along with Heather Barwick, Katy Faust, Dawn Stefanowicz, and Brittany Klein, found that their perspectives fell on deaf ears. It was a tragic turn of events but Shick and Lopez, meeting up in Fort Worth for the annual conference of Help4Families, catch up.

56: How Men Get Out of the Gay Life

You've heard that being gay is not a choice and people can't leave the gay lifestyle.  This is a lie. In this politically incorrect podcast Robert Oscar Lopez, who's seen life from both sides of the divide, explains 1)men can and do stop being gay merely by desisting from gay sex all the time, 2) men can move from men to women but it takes work and isn't always easy, 3) women are more challenging to date but absolutely worth it, and 4) those who propose "chaste" gay alternatives or encourage ex-gays to look to each other for help are engaged in "crazy talk." If you want to get out of gay life, you have to get out and get ready for women, period.

55: Big Gay Persecutes Harvard Doctor Because He Spoke Truth about Gay Sex

Dr. Paul Church (featured in photo on a mission in Mexico) went to Cornell and served an illustrious career in urology, gaining an appointment at Harvard Medical School and serving 28 years at the top hospital Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston. He was fired because he resisted his hospital's pushing of gay sexuality in the absence of frank discussions about the health consequences of prolonged engagement with sodomy. As a urologist, he could not remain quiet about the risks. Here is an article detailing what happened to him:

In this segment Dr. Church strikes at the central but often censored dilemma about homosexuality. Even if the attractions are normal, anal intercourse spreads disease and traumatizes the male bowels. Dr. Church explains why people are not mentally prepared to make wise choices about sodomy until their thirties and why even with condoms and drug treatments, sodomy is medically unsustainable, making it doubly wrong that hospitals would misrepresent the activity as something to celebrate and promote.

54: Maggie Gallagher is a NeverTrumper

Trump enthusiast Robert Oscar Lopez and NeverTrumper Maggie Gallagher talk about the landscape facing social conservatives in a worl with Trump as the top Republican. Is Lopez right in thinking that Trump will give social conservatives more breathing space merely by not being a totalitarian leftist? Is Gallagher right that Trump will be the death knell of so-cons because he, unlike Clinton, will make the rejection of Christianity a bipartisan deal?

53: Convention Madness

Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein go off on the craziness in Cleveland and Philadelphia. How is the whole country going this crazy? And what do social conservatives do next? Lopez comes out strong for voting for Trump even if he isn't totally squared away on abortion or same-sex marriage.  A history lesson on 1968, why race and sexuality is a costly false equivalency. For more information:

52: Can Trump and Cruz fans make peace?

Robert Oscar Lopez (pro-Trump) and Katy Faust (pro-Cruz) talk about the fallout from Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump at the Cleveland convention on July 20, 2016. With so much hatred going back and forth between these two candidates, will there any way to rebuild the socially conservative movement? Faust and Lopez talk the platform, strategy, and approaches to political reconciliation within the GOP.

51: Sexism in the discussion of Melania Trump?

Guest "Fire-Sign" weighs in on misogyny in discussion of Melania Trump, other women in politics, and Fox News.

50: Daughter of famous lesbian tells her story

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Moira Greyland about what it was like being the daughter of uber-famous lesbian Marion Zimmer Bradley and the gay celebrity Walter Breen. Is Nickelodeon's utopian gay dad fantasy anything like growing up in the gay community with "open-minded" and "tolerant" and "progressive" neighbors. Moira's story is an amazing cautionary tale. Will people listen? Most of it started here:

Also of relevance here:

49: The Latest Truth on Same-Sex Parenting

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Paul Sullins, Catholic University of America Professor, also working on LEO Initiative, on why so much optimistic research on gay parenting was far off the mark and how his most recent study into credible data found significant differences in the outcomes for children with moms/dads and children with gay parents. For more on P. Sullins:

On the need for more legal protections for COGs:

48: The Republican Party Platform, and Mormons

Robert Oscar Lopez confers with Mary Summerhays, a media strategist for social conservative groups and founder of this non-profit, Stand with Children:

(As a reminder ICRI is at

Mary and ROL talk about memories of the fight for true marriage, the Republican Party platform, and the future of Mormons' stance on marriage.

47: Gay Republicans?

Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein speak with total candor about the dilemma of the "Gay Republican." Is it possible that Trump's shaky connection to social conservatives gave the proponents of chastity more leverage with Trump now? Trump needs Christians much more than he needs gay Republicans, so for the first time in years, gay conservatives and their enablers like Paul Singer do not have instant veto power over the massive Christian base in the GOP. For more information:

46: Race Relations

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Shirley Husar, CEO of Urban Game Changers, and what conservative people of color can do in the midst of America's conflicts about race. For more information on Husar's work:

45: Joseph Sciambra on Leaving Homosexuality and Becoming Christian

In this track, Robert Oscar Lopez interviews former pornographic performer and refugee from the gay lifestyle, Joe Sciambra, on his experience leaving homosexuality and finding a new home with Jesus Christ. For more information:

44: Univision Headline: Omar Mateen was a Cuddling Closeted Gay Man?

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein observe no taboos in discussing the absurdity seen in headlines such as this one:

Omar Mateen was "very sweet" and "liked to be cuddled," according to a Latino man speaking to Univision and claiming that he was the Orlando terrorist's former secret lover.

Seriously? Brittany and Bobby talk tough about the state of propaganda into which the country is swirling.

43: Morabito on Propaganda and the Orlando Massacre

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez checks in with Stella Morabito to understand how the history of propaganda may help explain the strange responses to the Orlando massacre of June 12, 2016.

42: Young Social Conservatives, Rape Culture, and Southern California

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez speaks to Lily and June, two recent graduates from southern California schools, about the future of socially conservative activism. They share their thoughts on the new wave of campus activists who embrace the term "conservative" and thrive on spectacles of confrontation. Is this the way to go? This marks Lopez's last podcast as a southern California professor, since he has resigned his position in LA. (The image comes via Love and Fidelity Network, Princeton, NJ.)

41: Oberlin, DePaul, CSU LA, CSUN, and Political Censorship

Brittany Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez further the discussion on SJWs and conservatives colliding on campus. Is it possible that both left and right are simultaneously right and wrong, corrupt and brave, duped and manipulative? The role of financial corruption and political racketeering, and the abuse of student 'recruits' also figure in the discussion.

For more background:

Chronicle of Higher Education exposé on off-campus provocation:

Milo Yiannopoulos's visit to DePaul:

New Yorker article on Oberlin:

Ben Shapiro sues CSU LA:

Lopez's article in American Thinker on "freedom" from the liberal academy:

40: Gay Celebrity Uses His Son as Human Shield in Censorship War

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez speaks to Irish writer Paddy J. Manning about how he became the target of a gay celeb's international legal army. This dizzying story raises alarming questions about Internet freedom, the rights of children raised by same-sex couples, and the rights of gay people to dissent from LGBT orthodoxy. Below are relevant articles:

39: Surrogacy Update

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Jennifer Lahl on the current state of surrogacy, the strange alliance between feminists and Christians, and developments in Louisiana and abroad.

38: Tenure, with Mary Grabar

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez speaks with Mary Grabar, editor and founder of Dissident Prof ( on why tenure needs to be abolished. Grabar and Lopez are both conservatives who have specialized in studying literature by people of color considered "right-wing" (Phillis Wheatley and George Schuyler). Grabar never made it onto the tenure-track, while Lopez got tenure and then got driven out by leftist subterfuge. Though coming from different vantage points they arrive at the same conclusion: tenure is destroying education and literary study.

37: Gay Marriage Impacts Racial Justice (In a Bad Way)

This is a lecture I delivered at Notre Dame for Students for Child-Oriented Policy. In this lecture I discuss how gay marriage grew out of problematic jurisprudence regarding American Indians (anti-genocide law), Latinos (immigration), and African Americans (slavery). Much of this comes from Jephthah's Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family Equality.

36: Trans, Gays, Feminists, and the Antioch Review Controversy

In this podcast, Brittany Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez review the various swirling controversies surrounding trans, gay, feminist, religious, racial, and political diversity in the Antioch Review (a piece by Daniel Harris) and the NY Times (a piece by Nicholas Kristoff).

35: Mind Control on College Campuses

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez joins Brittany Klein in discussing real-life examples of eerie manipulation of students as part of campus campaigns against dissenters from leftist gender theory. For more:

34: Latino Men React to Pro-Abortion Mural in Chicano Studies Building at CSUN

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez speaks to James Lopez and Carlos Flores about the debate at Cal State Northridge regarding a wall mural that has been widely received as anti-white, anti-American, anti-military, and anti-Christian. In this instance, Lopez, Lopez, and Flores focus on the deeper question -- is this really pro-Latino? Or does it harm Latinos in the end?

33: John McAdams

This podcast is being fixed due to technical issues. Look back later.

32: Feminism and the Milo Yiannopoulos Phenom

In this episode of CogWatch, Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Carlos D. Flores, president of UC Santa Barbara's Anscombe Society, on the problems feminism poses to young men of principle, and why hosting a talk entitled "Feminism is Cancer" with Milo Yiannopoulos was a good idea.

31: Divorce

In this discussion with Jennifer Johnson of the Ruth Institute, Robert Oscar Lopez discusses the ongoing avoidance of divorce among people who claim to defend traditional marriage.  See:

30: Defending Marriage in Italy

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Tempi journalist and organizer with Sentinelle in Piedi, Benedetta Frigerio, on the status of the fight over same-sex marriage and gay parenting in Italy. For more details about the massive grassroots movement against LGBT policies in Italy, see here:

29: Brian Camenker of MassResistance

In this track, Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Brian Camenker, who was recently honored as the #1 Pro-Family Hero among Christian conservative activists. He is best known as the leader of Mass Resistance.  See:

28: Katy Faust of AsktheBigot

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez joins Katy Faust, the editor of Ask the Bigot, to discuss the challenges faced by Christians who want to be active as citizens and loving as followers of Christ.

27: Insider View on Sex Ed for Kids

In this special interview, Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Elinore, an eighth grader who's on the proverbial front lines of California's battle of LGBT advocacy in schools.

26: Kori Peterson, daughter of Trans Father

In this installment of CogWatch, Kori Peterson shares with Robert Oscar Lopez her experiences with a father who revealed himself as transgender to her late in life. Ms. Peterson is a regional director for Concerned Women for America:

25: Scott Lively, #1 on LGBT Lobby's "Enemies List"

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Scotty Lively, who was ranked the #1 global enemy of the Human Rights Campaign in 2014 (Lopez was ranked #2.) These two titans of the mythical "anti-gay" exporting ring talk about the balance between religious and secular arguments, as well as where Lively's trial for "crimes against humanity" stands.

24: Christians Speaking Out! Reflections from Head of UK's Christian Concern

On his last day in London before returning to the United States, Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Andrea Williams, president of Christian Concern and founder of the Christian Legal Centre in the UK, about Christians' challenges in the public square. A spirited and frank discussion about the hard choices Christians have to make when interfacing with hostile media. See:

You can also follow ROL on Twitter: @baptist4freedom

23: British Critics' Take on the Transgender Movement

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez sits down with Dan Moody, a British writer who's been broadly inspired by Stella Morabito of the Federalist.

22: Anglican Church suspends the Episcopalians over Homosexuality

In this podcast, Robert Oscar Lopez sits down with Alan Craig, established advocate with many years of work with global Christian activism. This conversation took place just hours before the decision of the Anglican Communion to suspend the US Episcopalian churches for a period of three years, after a protracted debate over the role of same-sex marriage. The decision by the Anglican Communion further illustrated the growing influence of the African churches, a topic that was extensively discussed in the chat with Alan Craig. For further information:

21: 3-Parent Embryos

In this podcast, recorded on location in London, England, Robert Oscar Lopez speaks with Philippa Taylor about the risks and problems tied to "three-parent embryos."

20: Austin Ruse

For this podcast, Austin Ruse, president of C-FAM (Center for Family & Human Rights), joins BN Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez to map out the global struggle between Big Gay and defenders of traditional healthy families. For more of Ruse's work, see below:

19: What happens when children of gay parents speak out?

In this podcast, BN Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez are joined by Millie Fontana and Moira Greyland, two other children of gay parents, to talk about their experiences speaking publicly about all the ups and downs, the good and bad, of having gay parents.

Moira Greyland is the daughter of famed lesbian fantasy novelist Marion Zimmer Bradley, as well as gay writer Walter Breen.

For more on this subject, see and Also: this book,

18: Gay Snark

In this installment of CogWatch, BN Klein and Robert Oscar López are joined by gay conservative activist Doug Mainwaring to examine why gay social issues are discussed with such vicious levels of snark. Are gays more vicious than other people? If so, does it always have to be this way? Is there any way out of the gay snark tunnel into a brighter future? For some background reading:

17: Surrogacy as a Justice Issue, with Kathy Sloan and Michelle Shocked

Kathy Sloan is an eminent feminist who has done substantial work on women's rights and Native American rights. In this podcast she talks to BN Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez about why opposing surrogacy should be an important progressive and feminist issue. Below are some articles that describe and detail the brewing battle over surrogacy in New York State.

For the 17th podcast for CogWatch, BN Klein and I interviewed Kathy Sloan, former board member of NOW, in depth, and also took a call from Michelle Shocked, about surrogacy. Recently Mexico's Tabasco province ended all surrogacy by gay and foreign couples for pay, in effect shutting down the booming fertility tourism and child trafficking business centered close to Cancun. Not long after that, the EU Parliament condemned surrogacy. The doors are closing on the surrogacy business in many parts of the world. and the documented link between surrogacy and gay marriage played a role in spurring the blockage of gay marriage in Slovenia and Romania recently, as well as the decision by Austria's Supreme Court and Germany's ruling political party to block the advance of gay marriage in those countries. In Greece, gay civil unions became legalized but gay adoption has been effectively blocked.

Meanwhile, back home in the US, New York State is under tremendous pressure to legalize gestational surrogacy. Though Mario Cuomo signed the 1992 law making surrogacy illegal, equivalent to human trafficking or a slave trade, his son is now governor and the darling of the LGBT movement. See these articles for more details:

16: Three COGs speak out about Rosie O'Donnell's conduct as a gay mom

In this installment of CogWatch, Robert Oscar Lopez and BN Klein are joined by Dawn Stefanowicz to discuss the reports of conflict between lesbian Rosie O'Donnell and her adopted daughter Chelsea, as well as how this relates to the larger question of gay parenting. Is Rosie O'Donnell an isolated example of gay parenting gone wrong, or is she a reflection of a broader trend? The three COGs give some answers.

For more reading:

Daily Mail:

Jephthah's Daughters:

Dawn Stefanowicz's book Out from Under:

15: Dr. Miriam Grossman on what's wrong with same sex parenting

In this installment of CogWatch, BN Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez sit down with Dr. Miriam Grossman, an esteemed psychiatrist and critic of leftist medical orthodoxy, to talk about the problem of false sexual ideologies and the suppression of pain in the name of LGBT liberation. Below are links to Dr. Grossman's books and website.


You're Teaching My Child What?

Black and White Puppy: A Story about the Biology of Love

Her website:

Here is the link to Jephthah's Daughters:

14: Everything wrong with gay marriage in 30 minutes

This is a recording of a speech delivered by Robert Oscar Lopez in Pomona, CA, on September 19. This speech provides a great deal of historical and cultural background to understand what the Court got wrong, why the decision on gay marriage poses a problem, and what unique dynamics in American history led to it. For further reading:

Jephthah's Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family Equality:

Colorful Conservative: American Conversations with the Ancients from Wheatley to Whitman --

13: Stella Morabito talks about mind control on college campuses

Stella Morabito and Robert Oscar Lopez speak here about what Alan Dershowitz has called the "fog of fascism descending onto university campuses." Morabito and Lopez both agree that this is not a case of spontaneous student breakdown. Nor is it a grassroots movement. It is rather a deliberate and systematic dismantling of human capacity to reason and understand reality, with the humanities, such as what Lopez studies, the new central target. This is a must-listen!

Daily Signal:
Huffington Post:
College Fix:
Clash Daily:
National Review:
Daily Caller:
Campus Reform:
American Thinker:

12: Surrogacy with Guest Jennifer Lahl

In this podcast, RO Lopez and BN Klein are joined by Jennifer Lahl, president of the Center for Bioethics and Culture, who is a leading advocate for banning surrogacy. Surrogacy is the practice of contracting a woman who rents her uterus as part of a contract to deliver a child (usually to an infertile or gay couple). The issue is urgent currently because of the death of "Brooke", a surrogate mother in Idaho who bled to death when her placenta tore as she was about to deliver twins for a Spanish couple. For more information:

Saturday, August 6, 2016

11: Gay Hollywood, from Bold to Banal

In this podcast, RO Lopez and the returning BN Klein reflect on the flood of LGBT narratives that no longer feel as shocking or avant-garde as they used to feel. They are, instead, getting, kind of boring. For more context:

10: Gay Myths

In this podcast, RO Lopez is joined by Dr. Julia Gasper of Great Britain, who recently caused a stir and was slammed by PinkNews, for having written this piece reviewing 10 myths on homosexuality:

Dr. Gasper points out that historical revisionism or fudging history is never entirely innocent. A tyranny is created, and she cites the firing of a Boston doctor as an example:

9: Alabama, Mississippi, Gay Adoption, and Brady Bunch Syndrome

Since BN Klein is indisposed for Yom Kippur, I was joined by Papa Maman, an old friend in the Manif pour Tous, to discuss the politics of gay adoptions in MIssissippi and Alabama. We focus mostly on stepparent adoptions.

For further reading:

8: Academic Freedom, LGBT Ideology, Anti-Semitism

In this podcast, BN Klein and RO Lopez discuss the tension between the Jewish movement to combat anti-semitism and the LGBT movement to combat homophobia. Where is the line between true bigotry and the criticism of Israel/gay organizations? For more reading:

The article by AMCHA on the recent debate that took place at the University of California regents' meeting:

Here, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, is Peter Schmidt's review of the controversy surrounding the University of California policy on intolerance:

7: Soviet Tactics and the LGBT Nomenklatura

Stella Morabito, senior contributor at the Federalist and former intelligence analyst specializing in Soviet propaganda, joins RO Lopez and BN Klein to talk about the chilling parallels between LGBT politics today and Soviet Russia's past, including the common fear of children denouncing their parents, fear of students denouncing teachers, and the blatant trampling of due process. Few people are talking about the ways in which LGBT activism resembles the Soviet nomenklatura, but this discussion is a must-listen, providing countless useful information.  Stella Morabito's blog is a must-read:

6: Academic Police State, LGBT Policy, and Feminism

In this article, which ran in American Thinker, it is revealed that one university spends 25% of its tuition revenue on federal compliance, especially Title 9.

In this podcast RO Lopez and BN Klein discuss the ironies and tragedies resulting from a totalitarian academic state deputed to "protect" women and queer students by policing thought and speech.

5: Tennessee Gender Crises--Gender Pronoun Changes and Parental Certificates

Denise Shick, author of My Daddy's Secret, and B.N. Klein join Robert Oscar Lopez for a discussion on multiple afflictions striking Tennessee. The University of Tennessee has tried to promote new gender neutral pronouns so that "he" and "she" will no longer exist as words threatening transponders. Lucy Ferris, meanwhile, writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the gender-studies and lit-crit implications of Tennessee's recent debate on replacing "mother" and "father" with "parent." Needless to say, children of LGBT parents have a surprising angle on this.

Lucy Ferriss, "Parenting, 1 and 2," Chronicle of Higher Education.

Deborah Hastings, "University of Tennessee invents new pronouns." NY Daily News.

#4: The Push to Legalize Prostitution

B.N. Klein and R.O. Lopez talk here about the worrying trend of gay groups, which not too long ago promised that gay marriage would not be a slippery slope to prostitution, fighting to legalize prostitution. Have they gone back on their word? It would seem so. But there are many other problems of exploitation and racism that have to be examined here beyond the question of broken promises.

For more reading:

Stephanie Clifford, "Raid of Rentboy, an Escort Website, Angers Gay Activists."

Lambda Legal, "LGBT Rights Organizations Join Amnesty International in Call to Decriminalize Sex Work."

Lou Chibbaro Jr. "HRC Co-Founder's Trial Delayed as Victim Disappears."

#3: Do all COGs agree with compelling college students to read Bechdel's "Fun Home"?

Moira Greyland is the daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley, a famous lesbian novelist best known for "Mists of Avalon." Robert Oscar Lopez and BN Klein are both English professors. All three are writers and all three were raised by lesbian moms. They have a view on the Alison Bechdel & Fun Home controversy that might surprise you!

Fun Home is a comic/graphic novel about a girl growing up haunted by the possibility that her father was gay and sleeping with teenagers. The author, Alison Bechdel, is a famous lesbian who has won multiple awards for the novel. Duke University decided to make it the designated summer reading for incoming freshmen for 2015 -- but a snag occurred when some of the Duke students publicly refused to read the text, citing their moral and/or religious objections to the content.

Is this a debate about free speech versus intolerance? Three COGs have a unique take on it.

For more reading:

From Chicks on the Right: "Duke Freshmen Choose Not to Read..."

ABC Durham: "Duke University Responds to Summer Reading Controversy"

Related -- Peter Hassen, "Rutgers removes 'free speech' warning"

#2: Is there a link among abortion, tissue harvesting, modern slavery, and the LGBT lobby?

Cate Dyer, founder and CEO of StemExpress, was caught on video talking about trafficking in aborted fetuses. She is also an out lesbian activist married to a woman. There are already other disturbing connections between the abortion lobby and the LGBT parenting lobby. Hilary Rosen, former head of the pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign, which has recently lobbied to legalize paid surrogacy (women selling their babies), heads the PR firm that Planned Parenthood contracted to deal with the recent crisis involving videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. GLAAD has multiple ties to the Human Rights Campaign, and both organizations are tied to NOW and Planned Parenthood through highly placed Democrat benefactors like Obama, Biden, and Pelosi, who are indebted to the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT lobbies.

Here B.N. Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez talk about what the whole controversy surrounding StemExpress reveals about the underlying inhumanity of the LGBT movement and how abortion, child trafficking, and gay marriage go together. Note, the gay lobby is NOT the same thing as gay people, by any means!

For more reading:

Lopez's piece in Public Discourse: "Planned Inhumanities: From Roe to Obergefell."

Lopez's piece in American Thinker: "Turning the Tables: The Decadence of 2007 and 2015."

Center for Medical Progress: The transcript of Cate Dyer's talking about trafficking in baby parts.

Sacramento State University's announcement of Cate Dyer's community service award:

#1: Trans Politics and Memories of Stonewall

In this, R.O. Lopez and B.N. Klein will be discussing these two articles:

"Trans Vandals Deface the Gay Stonewall Monument with Insane Blackface"


"Jewish woman will be the White House's first openly transgender staffer" in Jerusalem Post.