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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

77 Young Christian Men Talk about Chastity

In this conversation, two twentysomething Christian men tell the truth of what it's like, in a culture that views Christian orthodoxy as alien and unmanly. They argue that masculinity and Christianity go together very we

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Prof. Lopez!
    I left a comment for you late at night on Dec. 13th and am just checking to see if you got it or if I "tech-failed"----which would not be..unprecedented.
    I believe I posted the comment under comments on podcast 77 and according to my screen it would have been the first comment. Perhaps I did something wrong but the page said that it would be posted after approval. I don't write today to pester you AT ALL but rather because my personal experience is that "tech glitches" seem to abound on sites that feature the voices of people who dare to say things that the establishment finds inconvenient. I've been saddened to see "0 comments" underneath all but one of your podcasts as I believe that when you choose to address any subject the rest of us are privileged to hear from you. Big time.
    I admit that I have asked myself if my ordering certain books (including yours) could conceivably be used against me in the future, as the world seems to grow scarier each week. But then I decided to hell with it. I am interested in truth. I will support people who love others enough to to tell it, regardless of the suffering they may incur for their commitment to do what is right. PS: Forgive me that I have not acknowledged Ms. Stein's excellent contributions here as thoroughly as I have yours; God bless her for her commitment to Him and to His truth. I do beg her pardon; I am less familiar with her work so far and have been focused on you primarily as you host the podcast. PPS: It comes as no surprise that your choice of music for these podcasts is always superb. Well done, sir.