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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

78 The Left's Twisted Propaganda on Russia and Trump

Brittany Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez talk about the frightening new wave of McCarthyism taking hold among -- of all people!!!--the Left, as anti-Trump liberals latch onto an embarrassingly paranoid hysteria about Russia stealing the US election.

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  1. Dear Prof. Lopez,
    I have not yet listened to this particular podcast, though I have caught some others. It's late and I'm feeling bleary so this will be short. I just hav to express to you that ..that I love you. Your love for Christ, and for your neighbor (though some do not recognize it) is so true and so beautiful. Your courage in sharing the truth in love is so literally awesome that you are right up there with Alexandr Solzhenitsyn in my mind. I bought and read Jephthah's Daughters (Children?), and it blew me away. I cannot overstate how much you have helped me on my own journey. I am a heterosexual married woman with my own history of compulsivity and grave sin. Through your witness I have come to understand that my former pro position on gay marriage was rooted in misunderstanding and that genuine love for people with same-sex attraction --indeed for any person struggling (as I have) with disordered sexual behaviors-- consists of sharing God's truth with love (charity) and a willingness to help others carry their crosses. I am so tired that I hope this doesn't come out sounding like word salad. But if it does please just know: I thank God for you every single day and keep you very much in my prayers. I am so glad that you recently shared with us about having to renew your fight against the one whom Jesus called the father of lies; thank you for letting us in to stand with you and yours in prayer. I will be there, my brother. For now I will say good night; may you sleep in peace , and again I LOVE YOU. PS: Pleqse don't ever feel discouraged by finding "no comments" after blogs/podcasts, as I have complete faith that each and every one will bear a whole lot of fruit.

  2. PPS: Were you aware that the podcast on Tyler Clementi case is not available here? I have tried several times to listen to it but get a message that says something like,"Oops! Sorry, we couldn't find that page!"