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Saturday, August 6, 2016

#2: Is there a link among abortion, tissue harvesting, modern slavery, and the LGBT lobby?

Cate Dyer, founder and CEO of StemExpress, was caught on video talking about trafficking in aborted fetuses. She is also an out lesbian activist married to a woman. There are already other disturbing connections between the abortion lobby and the LGBT parenting lobby. Hilary Rosen, former head of the pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign, which has recently lobbied to legalize paid surrogacy (women selling their babies), heads the PR firm that Planned Parenthood contracted to deal with the recent crisis involving videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. GLAAD has multiple ties to the Human Rights Campaign, and both organizations are tied to NOW and Planned Parenthood through highly placed Democrat benefactors like Obama, Biden, and Pelosi, who are indebted to the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT lobbies.

Here B.N. Klein and Robert Oscar Lopez talk about what the whole controversy surrounding StemExpress reveals about the underlying inhumanity of the LGBT movement and how abortion, child trafficking, and gay marriage go together. Note, the gay lobby is NOT the same thing as gay people, by any means!

For more reading:

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Center for Medical Progress: The transcript of Cate Dyer's talking about trafficking in baby parts.

Sacramento State University's announcement of Cate Dyer's community service award:

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