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Sunday, August 28, 2016

66: Was there really a recent "win" for religious liberty in California? Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance says NO and explains why

In a triple conversation, Brittany Klein, Robert Lopez, and Brian Camenker drop all pretenses and have a brutally honest discussion about happened with the law passed in California targeting Christian colleges and universities. A few weeks ago, news broke that an alliance of well-heeled "religious liberty experts" had waved their magic wand and forced California to back off its persecution of Christian educators. Here is Andrew Egger's write-up in Daily Signal on Aug. 12, 2016, making it sound as though the big bad Gay Lobby had been trounced in efforts spearheaded by State Sen. Ricardo Lara to force Christian colleges to adopt pro-gay conduct codes or run the risk of being sued and shut down:

When this news broke, Brittany and Robert were both skeptical, having had similar "breakthrough" moments in the same-sex marriage battle, only to find that the reputable, established experts in religious liberty actually brokered terrible compromises with the gay lobby to make it seem as though they were fighting a good fight while still seeking to avoid professional repercussions and actually helping the gay lobby get what they want.

[UPDATE: Advocate and Human Rights Campaign smear 106 colleges as "worst" for LGBT students, including many colleges that begged for a compromise with them. See: ]

Lo and behold, Klein and Lopez's fears were surpassed by what actually happened. After several weeks and after the public attention to the California bill waned, suddenly a new compromise bill emerged. The Christian college leaders said they were pleased with the new bill, but actually this bill, as Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance has pointed out, was terrible in its compromised form. See this coverage:

The details are complicated and you have to listen to this whole podcast, as long as it is, to digest all the specifics. But the bottom line is, to fight the LGBT lobby pro-family citizens have to work around the entrenched conservative establishment, stay extra vigilant, and not be derailed by fa├žades of victory that hide the reality that religious liberty is collapsing before our eyes.

People interested in getting involved should visit and contact them about how to get involved and start local action plans.

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