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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

63: Massive Study Is a Game-Changer; Most of LGBT Agenda Must Be Pulled Back

Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein go over the shocking study by Mayer and McHugh in New Atlantis. Experts in medicine, biology, and psychology found that the whole argument for LGBT ideology is wrong:

1. People are not born gay.
2. Most people who consider themselves same-sex attracted will go on, absent influence or pressure, to be heterosexual.
3. There is no scientific evidence to support the notion of men trapped in women's bodies or women trapped in men's bodies.
4. Stigma and discrimination do not explain the disproportionate mental health problems experienced by LGBT people.
5. There is no sound basis for using drugs or surgery to transition "trans" children.

This is big. Read the reports and see for yourself:


  1. The reason men are gay is because they were born with one chromosome missing. So, yes, people can be born gay. But they don't have to display it and acquire laws to be changed to accommodate their diversity. That is what the elite have done to engender chaos which fits into their agenda.

    1. Arlene,

      Can you provide any valid scientific peer reviewed paper or finding that supports this assertion of a missing chromosome?

  2. Arlene, Thank you for leaving this note here. I think the conclusion from researchers is that even the mild genetic theories do not appear to rest on solid scientific ground. Chromosomal differences do not, as far as I know, explain "gayness."