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Sunday, August 7, 2016

55: Big Gay Persecutes Harvard Doctor Because He Spoke Truth about Gay Sex

Dr. Paul Church (featured in photo on a mission in Mexico) went to Cornell and served an illustrious career in urology, gaining an appointment at Harvard Medical School and serving 28 years at the top hospital Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston. He was fired because he resisted his hospital's pushing of gay sexuality in the absence of frank discussions about the health consequences of prolonged engagement with sodomy. As a urologist, he could not remain quiet about the risks. Here is an article detailing what happened to him:

In this segment Dr. Church strikes at the central but often censored dilemma about homosexuality. Even if the attractions are normal, anal intercourse spreads disease and traumatizes the male bowels. Dr. Church explains why people are not mentally prepared to make wise choices about sodomy until their thirties and why even with condoms and drug treatments, sodomy is medically unsustainable, making it doubly wrong that hospitals would misrepresent the activity as something to celebrate and promote.

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