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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

64: Ryan Sorba, conservative wunderkind turned Christian realist, on what's next after the "born this way" debate is over

Robert Oscar Lopez interviews Ryan Sorba, a firebrand with uncommon sophistication on LGBT debates, in light of the recent report from Johns Hopkins vindicating that once-lonely position (against "born this way") Sorba has taken for years, and paid dearly for. Revealing a secret gentle and vulnerable side, Sorba explains why he's so disappointed with the Christian conservative family movement and what his ideal strategy would be to connect individually with gay men and bring them to happiness. Ryan came up through the ISI, CPAC, and Leadership Institute but now sees other ways forward as the only viable options for defending Christian family values. He doesn't think that disproving the "born gay" hypothesis will be a victory since in all likelihood the LGBT activists will pivot to something else.

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