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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

60: The Legal Creation of a Gay Superclass Above the Law

Brittany Klein joins the usual host to run down the full roster of LGBT power plays. Abusing the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution (equal protection), LGBT enthusiasts have redefined public sex in toilets in close proximity to children as a sacred human right. They have redefined Biblical chastity as a violation of gay human rights. They have redefined sperm banking as a public good that should be available to lesbians on demand. They have redefined law as a privilege reserved for people who refrain from criticizing homosexuality, and something that can be denied to those who have objections to it.

This has become, in a word, madness, and in the schools, hospitals, public parks, courts, police stations, and TV studios, there is nowhere to hide from the encroachment of a new Gay Superclass that's above the law, allowed to invoke "equality" while imposing drastic inequality on their political inferiors. For more information, scroll down.

On the civil rights lawsuit filed over San Jose police rounding up gay men who have sex in public toilets next to a kids' baseball diamond. Civil rights attorney believes that enforcement of vice laws is like "Jim Crow."

On the lawsuit by lesbians against New Jersey because they weren't given free sperm to make their own babies. Reversing the important claim that homosexuality is not a medical condition, these petitioners insist they should be given all the same accommodations as heterosexuals with infertility conditions. Also, they have a right to children but children don't have a right to their father. And will states now be forced to traffic in gametes and recruit sperm and egg providers under penalty of law?

On the nefarious move by State Sen. Ricardo Lara to pass SB 1146, a California measure that would render Christian mentorship illegal.

On the American Bar Association's move to make it a de-licensing offense to abet harassment of gay people (which means you can't represent Kim Davis in court or else you will be debarred!)

Lopez's video response:

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