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Friday, August 12, 2016

61: Gay male promiscuity on Grindr is suddenly something nobody should know about

Robert Oscar Lopez and Brittany Klein sound off on the hypocrisy and double standards involved in the dust-up over Nico Hines' piece in the Daily Beast, which was attacked as supposedly endangering the lives of gay athletes (who were not named in the essay). Some questions Klein and Lopez pose:

1. Do these folks really think people are so obsessed with figuring out who's gay that they were going to track down the identities of men with postings on Grindr?

2. Wouldn't everything be better if they didn't create a huge firestorm over this?

3. Is this about protecting gay athletes or about protecting the image of the gay community, after years of selling the suburban "love is love" and "we're just like you" story to the public in the gay marriage debates?

4. If gay leaders care about the safety of gay men, shouldn't they be trying to shut down Grindr so gay men aren't having anal sex with complete strangers?

5. What about Tom Daley's story? In that case, a young athlete was pressured to out himself so that his much older lover, Dustin Lance Black, could benefit socially from the status of having converted a teenage diver to gay sex. No concerns there about ethical behavior?

6. What about all the conservatives like Mark Foley that were outed by gay leaders?

7. Hey, what about the fight to ban BYU from Big 12 over their non-tolerance of homosexuality? Why should the closeted gays who attend BYU be denied a chance to compete in the Big 12 while the gay leaders are scrambling to make sure that "gay" athletes from homophobic countries can run around having secret gay sex without challenging the antigay policies of their countries?

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