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Sunday, January 8, 2017

"All children need is love...." say people who do not understand children or love

When confronted with the reality that same-sex parenting has become entangled with human trafficking, the buying and selling of children, exploitation of surrogate mothers, and denial of children's rights, people often respond with these words : "but gay parents love their children." It is important to remember some things about love. Love is subjective and often vague. People have often done terrible things to people whom they love: there have been abusers who loved the people they abused, slavers who loved the people they bought and sold, and others who have lied to those whom they loved, lest they lose their loved ones. Love is a human good, but not a basis on which to measure children's rights. We do not question that gay men and lesbians can be loving parents -- we know they can, because for thousands of years they stayed together with partners of the opposite sex so that their children would have a mother and father. Children's rights depend on things that go far beyond love: respect for the lifelong impact that one's decisions will have on a child as he becomes an adult, honor for the child's other biological parent, and truthfulness in telling the child about her origins.

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