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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

91 Millennial writer weighs in on the future of social conservatism among his peers

Stephen Herreid is still in his twenties but is one of several Millennials finding their voice as pro-family conservatives. Having served as editor of Intercollegiate Review, now columnists at many Catholic or faith-based sites like Stream, he has resisted many of the trends of his generation. He rejects the pro-life/pro-gay tendencies of many young traditionalists, but then surprises people by bucking group opinion and defending exiled conservatives like Tomi Lahren and Milo Yiannopoulos. His perspective gives important clues to older traditionalists about whether their years of working promoting family values will have a future in 20-30 years, when Millennials will be at the height of their power and in control of all the advocacy structures that conservative activists built during the Reagan era and afterwards. In this interview with Robert Oscar Lopez, Herreid delivers some key points:

1. Millennials look nonchalant and lazy, but they work very hard to affect that air, and they are harder workers than people think.

2. There is a religiosity among his generation but it is fragile and has to be protected from the risk of superficiality and groupthink.

3. Much damage has occurred because people treated his generation as a different species, and failed to convey to them a timeless call to virtue and heroism.

4. Herreid believes his generation will have to forego attempts to break into the blue-ribbon conservative sites like National Review, and embrace the possibilities of Twitter to build their own networks.

5. Herreid is not pessimistic. He has strategic suggestions for each of the 15 battlefields considered in this piece below:

For more of Stephen's writing:

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